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London Waterloo Academy (LWA) is an independent establishment of Further and Higher Education provider since 2009, located between famous Waterloo and Southwark stations, 2 min walk to famous Southbank, River Thames, Big Ben, Tate Morden and other historic building at the heart of London.

LWA welcomes all students from diverse backgrounds and encourages a multi-cultural community from the representatives of over twenty nationalities on campus each year. The college adheres to the founders’ initial objective to ‘support students to learn how to think critically for themselves and  contribute towards making the world a better place.

The academy offers a wide range of professional programmes: Dental Nursing, Dental Sedation, Oral Health Education, Fluoride Varnish Application, Airline Cabin Crew, Corporate Airline Cabin Crew, EASA Attestation, Airline Cabin Crew Recruitment and Selection Day, SEP (Safety Equipment and Procedures), General English, ESOL, Spanish, French, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Meditation, Customer Service, First Aid, Basic Life Support, Safeguarding Adults and Child Protection Level 2 and Mental Capacity Act, Principles of Safeguarding & Protecting Children, Young People or Vulnerable Adults Level 3.

Programmes accredited by: PEARSON BTEC,  ESB (English Speaking Board),  Microsoft,  NEBDN. All programmes follow the specific requirements of the relevant UK examination authorities and lead to degrees awarded by British Universities, or qualifications recognised and accepted by professional institutions. Each of the above educational programmes has been carefully selected for its relevance to the modern professional environment and for its recognition of competency.

Starting a new career isn’t easy and often it can seem like a lonely and impossible process. Our Team of expert and talented tutors, always behind each learner, supporting every step of the way, giving all tools, skills and assistance learners need to succeed. Our success, built on the success of our students and a long list of graduates with successful stories.

Our highly qualified teachers are always available to help to every student, entering the Academy to succeed. The tutorial personnel were carefully chosen not only for their technical skills, but also for the ability to impart the knowledge through the extensive interrelation with the students and listening to their needs, concerns and aspirations. Our teachers are always extremely professional but friendly, and do their best to ensure that the course is thoroughly entertaining. In such a progressive environment students discover a new interest in learning and new outlets to realise their potential.

As once upon a time it was said:

“With knowledge comes wisdom” and we just follow that saying.

It is the aim of LWA to:

  • deliver to its learners an affordable educational experience of high quality.
  • support an approach to education which is in harmony with the best traditions
  • provide educational opportunities in line with the needs and wishes of the Academy’s constituency.
  • integrate the Academy with the life of the wider community.

The Academy exists primarily for its students who have a right to expect that all staff will be welcoming, and will maintain a high level of professionalism in the service they provide.

LWA trusts its employees to embody the principles in their everyday transactions. It stands for the view that all persons have equal value, and therefore they deserve to be treated justly, and accorded respect regardless of gender, religion, ethnicity, age or disability. LWA wishes to celebrate the wisdom and the diverse forms of expression brought by staff and students alike from a wide range of cultural backgrounds.

The Academy expects colleagues to recognise that it takes constant effort to maintain the good health of a community. It is thus vital for all to show maintain loyalty to each other and to students, though this will not obscure the need for mutual accountability. Among other things this involves maintaining a high level of confidentiality when the situation demands.

The Academy recognises that communities prosper most when members are given room to be themselves to express their faith and respect. The Academy therefore encourages colleagues to have personal and professional interests beyond the demands of community life.

The location is a big advantage for The Academy, as it’s situated in heart of London and students will have lots of opportunities to entertain themselves while studying. Our doors are open for everybody and new students are very welcome.

We are based in one of the most beautiful and historic places of London – Waterloo. Waterloo was a marshy area known for its picturesque cottages and entertainments like pleasure gardens and circuses. Nowadays the area is mostly known for the enormous dome of the BFI IMAX, which has been a Waterloo landmark since it opened in 1999. Another attraction is The London Eye. The area is includes the National Theatre, Tate Modern, London Aquarium and lively Southbank. In addition to this the area boasts a diverse number of cafes and restaurants providing cuisines from around the world.

We are conveniently located next to Waterloo mainline and underground stations, allowing students easy access to LWA and also allowing them to explore London.



To provide “An Exciting Learning Community”, where students can work with their tutors to develop their own learning programmes to realise their individual potential and spiritual growth.


The London Waterloo Academy mission is to help learners achieve their career goals, cultivate lifelong learning, and promote respect for diversity in a global community.



What students are saying

For me flexibility was the most important aspect a language class could have offered, mainly due to my strict working hours. However, at WA I found not only flexibility but also a great team, with a friendly learning environment. Many thanks to WA staff.

Ana-Maria Leonte

I decided to enrol to a Web Design course and to get a new job. I came across an education establishment – London Waterloo Academy and I have spoken to a teacher who gave me a all information regarding this course.
At LWA I gained new skills and new experience which will help me to get a new job.
I would recommend this course to everyone who is interested in the Web Design. London Waterloo Academy is the best place to learn and take your carrier to the next level.
I just want to say to London Waterloo Academy: ‘Thank you for all your support to boost my career`

Ramesh Magan

I have found this course very informative and interesting, and the range of topics covered was excellent. Before starting the course I was not aware of what goes into being cabin crew, but this course was an eye-opener into everything that you would need to know. The tutor was very good in every class and was always there to help if there was anything we were not sure about. The training day at Virgin Atlantic was an added bonus to the course and was a really great opportunity to get a feel of how much training you would need to go through. We also had a chance to take part in some evacuation processes, which was fun! Overall, I think it is worth taking part in the course if cabin crew is a career you want to pursue, as you have the benefit of already having inside knowledge when it comes to applying for jobs.

Stephanie Norris