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We frequently receive inquiries regarding Airline Cabin Crew (also known as Flight Attendant, Air Hostess and Stewardess) requirements as well as inquiries about the benefits of our courses. In today’s competitive job market, landing a position as a cabin crew member can be challenging without proper training and certification, as safety is paramount in the aviation industry. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Age Limit: The minimum age requirement typically starts at 18+, but it varies among airlines. Some airlines have policies regarding serving alcohol during flights, but there’s generally no upper age limit as long as you pass the medical check and can perform all emergency procedures.

Height: While height requirements vary, it’s more about reach, such as being able to access door handles during emergencies.

Tattoos: Acceptance of visible tattoos varies among airlines. Some may allow them if they can be covered by the uniform (long sleeves) or are not highly visible, while other airlines have strict policies and will not accept candidates with visible tattoos.

Job Interviews: There could be up to 9 levels of interview stages, involving tests and role-plays. Some companies administer online timed tests. If you haven’t completed a course or lack prior aviation industry experience, failing is possible, but you can usually retake the test after a waiting period of 6 months.

Swimming Skills: Swimming skills are often tested during the interview process. We advise our candidates to consider taking swimming lessons at their local pools during the course to enhance their preparedness.

Jobs after the course?: We offer continuous updates on airlines during the course and provide guidance on preparing mandatory pre-application packages. After completion, we offer full support for job applications and connect candidates with graduates who can offer specific airline tips. Additionally, airlines occasionally visit our academy to recruit candidates and conduct interviews onsite. We also receive invitations from airlines for our candidates to attend recruitment days elsewhere.

Course Delivery: Whether class-based or virtual, both modes deliver the same quality and outcomes.

Extra Support for virtual mode of study candidates: We offer WhatsApp groups, additional Zoom meetings, and (for those who are in London) in-person chats at the academy.

How can candidates from the virtual (via Zoom) course join the one-day practical training, and is it mandatory? The one-day practical training is not mandatory, and the cost is not included in the course fee, however, we invite students to join and enrich their learning experience.

What certificate do I receive after the course? The certificate awarded confirms the completion of Professional Airline Cabin Crew training, verifying the completion of all mandatory modules. Additionally, a second certificate is provided by one of the airlines with whom we conduct the one-day practical training. Our course is professional, which varies as we cover all the latest aviation updates during the training. This equips our candidates to stand out from the crowd and confidently answer all questions during the recruitment process.

Payment Plans: We offer flexible payment plans at no extra charge, except for international candidates requiring visa support documents (full payment required).

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Airline Cabin Crew Requirements Explained

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