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Yes, it’s rainy and cloudy, but who needs sunshine when you’re shining with ambition? Time flies for those seeking progress, and we’ve got an incredible mix of students to prove it. Some are diving into professional studies for the first time, while others are boldly stepping toward a brighter new career.

Rain or shine, we’re all about growth and transformation here!

Our courses are just a click away, and we warmly welcome you to join us on this exciting journey ⤵️

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Dental Nursing  

Dental Sedation  

Oral Health Education  

NEBDN Exam revision 

Fluoride Varnish Application


Airline Cabin Crew

VIP Corporate Flight Attendant

EASA CAA Attestation

Recruitment and Selection Day

Virtual Airline Cabin Crew

CPD courses

First Aid 

Basic Life Support CPR

Safeguarding Adults and                            
Child Protection Level 2 and                      
Mental Capacity Act 

Principles of Safeguarding &
Protecting Children, Young
People or Vulnerable Adults Level 3 

Immediate Life Support Course (ILS) Level 3 (VTQ)







Brazilian Portuguese

Chinese Mandarin

Embracing Progress, Rain or Shine



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