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Airline Cabin Crew (also known as Flight Attendant, Stewardess, Air Hostess) practical training insights which are included in a 10 week class based part time course. Learners practise safety and emergency elements (evacuation slide, lavatory fire, smoke filled cabin, AED and pilot incapacitation) which are covered during theory lessons.

This glamourous and exciting job requires lots of training and energy. Behind the beautiful smile of each flight attendant, stands a highly trained and skilled person who can deal with unforeseen situations on board.

What does it take to become a professional Airline Cabin Crew?
1. Passion
2. Training

  1. Full attention during the course
    4. Completion of homework
  2. Punctuality
    6. Team work
  3. Discipline and dedication (Having the courage to switch off your phone!)

Companies recruit candidates who are not just looking for a job, but who are qualified and have completed the Airline Cabin Crew training. On successful completion of the course, our graduates become ‘most wanted job candidates’ in the airline industry.

For anyone who is considering to become Airline Cabin Crew – this is the right time to start your preparation by embarking on the course.

Click HERE for Class based learning

Click HERE for Virtual leaning (via Zoom)

See full list of Airline Cabin Crew Professional courses HERE 

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