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How to become Flight Attendant

Feb 21, 2020 | News

How to become Flight Attendant?

Airline companies look for individuals who share their values and can act as ambassadors for the company’s brand. Cabin Crew are the face of the airline company which means they deliver a fantastic service that makes airline world famous.

Airline companies may have up to 9 interview stages (depends on the company). When you apply, the first stage of the process will require your CV and to answer some screening and application questions to demonstrate your experience in relation to the Cabin Crew role.

If successful through this stage of the process you will then be invited to a second stage – it could be:

  • complete a short video interview where you will be asked some further questions around your experience.
  • an assessment day in which you will be invited to attend and this will involve group exercises and an individual interview  in order to find out more about you (this is opportunity to really show your passion for joining the company and how your experience relates to the role)

Do you need Airline Cabin Crew training?
The answer is yes. Airline companies prefer candidates with knowledge of Cabin Crew role. When applying for Cabin Crew job, companies have selection day or online tests as a first stage, after which, they will take a closer look at applicants CV, skills and experience. If you completed Airline Cabin Crew course (at least 70 hours), your application will stand out and you can get an offer from the first round. You will be able to pass all tasks during interview process as you will have knowledge about Cabin Crew role. Unprepared candidates will have to wait 6 months from original application in order to reapply.

When you will become Cabin Crew member, you’ll still be taught specifics of Airline company through companies internal training. And your learning won’t stop there! Airline companies have standards – you’ll have to complete yearly exams to ensure you are up to date with your safety and security training and you’ll also be checked on your knowledge before each flight

See our Airline Cabin Crew Professional course information here 

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