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Dental sedation course


Looking to advance your career in Dental Nursing? Our post-registration NEBDN Dental Sedation course (equivalent to Level 4) is meticulously crafted to elevate your professional expertise. At London Waterloo Academy, we prioritise providing our students with an outstanding learning experience and ensuring they pass their examinations stress-free.

Conscious Sedation is a pivotal component of modern dentistry, offering essential care for patients grappling with anxieties and phobias. Administered orally, through inhalation, or via injection in the UK, these sedative drugs alleviate anxiety but can also present significant side effects. We equip our students to adeptly recognise and manage these effects in a calm and effective manner.

Dental sedation is invaluable for treating highly anxious patients or performing complex procedures. It induces relaxation and a sleep-like state while allowing patients to respond to prompts. There are two types commonly offered in practice:
Intravenous (IV) Sedation and Inhalation Sedation. While inhalation sedation is common with children, IV sedation is preferred for adults. Notably, pregnant women cannot undergo inhalation sedation, despite its similarity to gas used during childbirth.

Various circumstances warrant dental sedation, including patients who prefer not to remember their treatment, those requiring complex procedures, children needing advanced dental care, and individuals with extreme anxiety or dental phobia. Sedation can help patients overcome their fears and eventually receive treatment without sedation.

Our Dental Sedation course offers hands-on training in the latest techniques, from nitrous oxide to oral conscious sedation. 

Make your patients’ dental visits a breeze and take your practice to the next level.


Top Provider in London – Recognised for excellence by Dental Industry.

High 98% exam pass rate

Join a profession that is in demand, fulfilling and financially rewarding. Our dental nursing course will provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in a field that is growing in popularity.

Flexible Learning – hybrid/blended mode of study that combines traditional class-based tuition with virtual/livestream learning

Individual support all the way to graduation. A free one-on-one lesson available to students whenever they need it during their studies.

London Waterloo Academy supports Mouth Cancer Research Foundation  and encouraging learners to raise the awareness and participate in annual 10k walk.

Professional development – Dental Nurses have the opportunity to continue their education and expand their skills, leading to advancement and new opportunities in the field.

Who should attend

GDC registered nurses, who wishes to provide assistance in the surgery during routine conscious sedation

GDC registered dental nurses engaged in this type of work on a regular basis

How will you learn?

Working together – Starting a new career isn’t easy and can often feel like a lonely and impossible process. Our Dental Department is always behind each learner, supporting every step of the way. We provide you with all the tools, skills, and assistance you need to succeed. Our success is built on the success of our students, with a long list of graduates boasting successful stories.

You will have: The course is based on six months part-time study, consisting of once-a-week classes.

We provide A-Z guidance starting from before and after the course. Your tutor will guide you through the course to graduation which you will be welcome to attend. 

Entry Requirements

There are no specific entry requirements as we teach from scratch.


All dental sedation qualifications will require you to achieve a balanced mixture of knowledge and practical skills, as well as demonstrating an appropriate professional attitude. To ensure dental sedation qualifications reflect the areas of practice the dental nurse works in, we offer the following three options:

  • Certificate in Dental Sedation Nursing
  • Award in Inhalation Sedation Dental Nursing
  • Award in Intravenous Sedation Dental Nursing

All three qualifications are at the same level. The titles ‘Award’ and ‘Certificate’ indicate the difference in the number of learning hours required to complete each qualification.

Fees, Dates & Payment

At London Waterloo Academy, course fee is kept affordable. We offer flexible payment plan – no extra charge on top of the installments.  

Duration: 6 month

Mode of study: Blended, combining face-to-face classroom sessions with virtual Zoom (live stream) lessons
Start Dates:
14 September 2024

Day – Saturday classes
Time -10am to 3pm

Registration fee – £380 (NEBDN exam fee included)
Course Fee
 – £750 (we offer payment plan)

Meet Dania – Dental Sedation tutor

Location: The Foundry, 156 Blackfriars Rd, London SE1 8EN (Southwark Station (2-3 min walk) and Waterloo/Blackfriars Station (10 min walk))

Click here to Register for the course or email us to info@waterlooacademy.co.uk or visit us

How to pay
The payment can be done by phone +44(0)7484 014980, in the office,  via PayPal button  or directly to our bank account

Dental Sedation course

Why London Waterloo Academy?

We are truly proud of what we have already accomplished. The Academy has been operating since 2009 with a long list of graduates and successful Dental Professionals. We are continually striving to provide high-quality tuition, and by listening to our learners, we are able to make studying at London Waterloo Academy easy and comfortable, which helps our learners to be confident and successful. This is what we can offer to our students:

Top Dental Nursing course provider

We are regularly contacted by Dental Surgeries to recruit our learners for Trainee Dental Nurse positions

98% exam pass rate

Small groups designed to maintain high-quality tuition and progress

Individual support all the way to graduation.A free one-on-one lesson available to students whenever they need it during their studies.

Earn while you learn

Interactive lessons (visual, practical, activities, games, social events)

We offer a flexible payment plan with no extra charge on top of the instalments

We are recognised and consistently approached by private surgeries that are well acquainted with our high teaching standards. These surgeries actively seek out our candidates to fill Trainee Dental Nurse vacancies

On completion, you will hold a National Dental Nursing Diploma (NEBDN) and become a General Dental Council (GDC) registered Dental Nurse

Regular feedback on progress

We foster a community feel where each individual values and respects one another. This may be the reason why our graduates, even those who completed the course many years ago, continue to come back not only for a chat and a cuppa, but also to share personal issues, tell us about their experiences and success stories, among many other reasons.

Located in Central London – Waterloo/Southwark

dental nursing course
NEBDN London Waterloo Academy

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