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English Language Courses

English language (EFL, ESOL)

Intermediate/Upper-intermediate (B1/B2). The courses will provide you with tasks based around the topics of Travel, Work and Study.
The sessions will cover a range of everyday situations and enable you to improve your English skills in your daily life.

English for existing students

The main focus will be on helping you become more confident at using language in everyday and less familiar settings. Fluency (speaking a lot and quickly) and accuracy (not making mistakes) will be given equal importance.

English Conversation or  Speaking English language course

English speaking course london waterloo academy

Mastering conversational English is a vital aspect of improving your English language skills. This will help to ensure you become more fluent and confident in speaking English, by using a variety of different teaching methods.

Conversation Class for Chinese Speakers

Conversation Class for Chinese Speakers at London Waterloo Academy

Do you often mistake ‘there have’ for ‘there is’? Are you sometimes perplexed as to why native English speakers give you a look of utter confusion when you add English-sounding words to conversations? Are you afraid of being accused of speaking the dreaded Chinglish?

Online Conversation and Discussion Class

Online Conversation and Discussion Class London waterloo academy

The new English Forum invites learners to come together and discuss about life, culture, language learning, and current topics. Listen to The Waterloo Podcast® and reflect upon the questions at hand.

Private Tuition

Private Tuition – English, French, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, German and Chinese Mandarin languages.Tailored courses, flexible days, times and location. One to One tuition, small groups or corporate options available

Business English

Business English course london waterloo academy

You’ve got your shiny new job offer from a multinational company, ready and set for the corporate world. You buy your obligatory Starbucks on your way to work, and have bragged about it on LinkedIn for the zenith time.

English Language course via Zoom

English Language course via Zoom London Waterloo Academy
Join your lesson from wherever you are.

Live stream lessons via Zoom. You only need a laptop, PC, phone or tablet with either built in (or external) camera and microphone.

English Language Blog

English Language Blog

The Poetic Dreamer

We all have our own multicultural stories. We leave home, adapt, only to be stung by the wake-up call that, while we are still too foreign to call our adopted country home, we are foreigners in our own country. The Academy is made up of people who understand and relate to our stories. Our stories, which though a tad bit messier than our friends’ back home, are absolutely beautiful.

Summer School For Groups

Welcome to the Summer School section of our website, where you will be able to find more details about our Summer School Programme.
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