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English Language Courses

English language (EFL, ESOL)

Intermediate/Upper-intermediate (B1/B2)
This course is for people who wish to make progress in the language. Learners on the course are able to use the main structures of the language with some confidence and have a wide range of vocabulary.

English for existing students

The main focus will be on helping you become more confident at using language in everyday and less familiar settings.

 Fluency (speaking a lot and quickly) and accuracy (not making mistakes) will be given equal importance.

IELTS Examination Preparation Course

An exam preparation course designed to help students become familiar with the four parts of the IELTS exam: speaking, listening reading and writing. 

Private Tuition

Private Tuition – English, French, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, German and Chinese Mandarin languages.

Tailored courses, flexible days, times and location. One to One tuition, small groups or corporate options available

Aviation English

This course is designed for those people with little or no prior knowledge of Aviation English language, who are intending to seek employment within the Aviation Industry. 

English with job interview skills 

Have you been invited for a job interview and you are not sure about your English language skills? We can help! This 3 day English with job interview skills course will build your confidence to succeed in job interviews. 

British English Pronunciation 

The British English Pronunciation course will help you to become more confident in your speech. It will make you daily activities at work or social life less stressful.

The key objective of British English Pronunciation  course is to enable you to speak English more confidently.
The teachers cover the most commonly occurring issues and guide students through various tactics and techniques to improve their English accent.

Speaking English

The Speaking English language course will help you to improve your overall level of spoken English. Mastering conversational English is a vital aspect of improving your English language skills, and so if this is your priority you could choose a course that focuses on verbal skills, such as English Communication Skills.

Summer School For Groups

Welcome to the Summer School section of our website, where you will be able to find more details about our Summer School Programme.

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