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Those of us who live in the West are accustomed to seeing authoritative red traffic lights and threatening red ‘STOP’ signs. Well, in Chinese-speaking countries, the colour red (Traditional: 紅色/ Simplified: 红色) actually means good fortune and prosperity. That’s why you see red everywhere in weddings (婚禮/婚礼), Lunar New Year (農曆新年/农历新年) celebrations, and lanterns (燈籠/灯笼)! As you can see, red is so engrained in Chinese culture right from the beginning. It’s not really related to communism.

The Chinese civilisation (華夏文化/华夏文化) is the only ancient civilisation that has survived amidst thunder and tempest, invasions and sieges, assimilation and enslavement. The Chinese languages (with an ’s’, mind you!), including Mandarin (國語/国语) and Cantonese (粵語/粤语), represent thousands of years of wisdom, sagacity, and grace. Though alphabet-less (yes!), every ideogram has a heart-wrenching story of its own.

Take our hand, and let us share this whole new world (嶄新的世界/崭新的世界) with you.


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