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LWA Policies


London Waterloo Academy recognises its obligations to students, clients, partners, staff and the communities in which it operates to observe and maintain the highest ethical standards. These standards are to be upheld in the day-to-day activities of all members of the Academy. They include and embrace the principles of selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership. In addition, helping students to acquire a sense of professional and personal ethics in their work is an important part of the educational process offered by London Waterloo Academy. In particular:

Students – we seek to offer a rewarding experience to all our students to support their future careers, on programmes clearly described and outlined in the Academy prospectus. Programmes are based on the transmission of up-to-date knowledge on fundamentals and their application.

Employers – we seek to offer a rewarding experience for all our employees; to promote personal development and to support, encourage and motivate people to reach their full potential and the opportunity to contribute considerably to the improved performance of their organisation, and to the rapid rise to senior positions. In addition,  London Waterloo Academy offers all employees a competitive benefits package including optional pension and share participation schemes and benefits aimed at safeguarding the health and well-being  of employees.

Teaching staff – we seek to bring all our knowledge and experience to the design, delivery and assessment of our teaching programmes.

Academic community – we seek to fulfil our responsibility to the wider academic community, both undertaking all academic work to the highest professional standards, and contributing wherever possible to the development of that community worldwide.

Suppliers – we seek to trade productively with all our suppliers, who have also committed to reducing their environmental impact. We expect value for money, good service and fair treatment from all suppliers and recognise suppliers’ needs for fair terms of trade, including prompt payment and clear briefings.

UK Quality Code
The UK Quality Code for Higher Education describes the standards that providers of UK higher education are required to meet. Click here for information about the Quality Code

GDPR – Data Protection
Please note that in order to comply with provisions of GDPR as of May 2018, no personal information whatsoever is kept in either soft or hard copies

Policy Documents
The policy and procedures documents listed below have been developed with the co-operation of staff, students and external stakeholders. They provide a framework for the practices and procedures expected of the Academy’s staff and students in line with the college’s legal responsibility as an employer and education provider and compliant with the standards set by national accreditation and awarding bodies. The documents have been approved by LWA’s Academic Board and are reviewed on an annual basis. If you have any comment to make about LWA’s policies and procedures, you are welcome to do so via info@waterlooacademy.co.uk