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Reflection is a vital part of our lives, and I would say it’s a secret potion to success.

Yes, just think about people in any profession, students, parents and so on.. In business world, reflection called – meetings. In education world, reflection called – revision, and yes, revision may sound so boring if you don’t do it right! It doesn’t mean that you have to constantly re-read all the books and materials until you completely STOP understanding what you are reading. To make it success, all you need is to take a step back. Yes, a step back! Take a walk, of find a quite place to seat and relax, talk to someone about any other subject which is not related to your studies, even go to cook/bake or clean your room. Arranging only few minutes a day in your daily routine, will make a huge difference. Your mind will relax, I call it ‘getting rid of spam in your head’, you will feel better and re-energise. Reflection will help you to develop your skills and review their effectiveness, to understand things that will empower you to achieve much better results in your studies and career.

I took this photo while passing St Paul’s cathedral this morning. I was in the rush to get to work on time, but couldn’t resist to stop and take a moment to admire its beauty, quietness and peace.

Take some time for yourself this weekend, stop and slow down for a few minutes, reflect on the past week and upcoming events.



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