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Our Airline Cabin Crew (class based, hybrid and virtual Via Zoom) 10 week (part time) courses include practical training SEP (Safety Equipment & Procedures) training, to prepare candidates to handle any unforeseen circumstances or emergencies on board. Combination of the theory and practical lessons, make our graduates ‘most wanted job candidates’ within airline industry.

Flight Attendant also known as Airline Cabin Crew, Stewardess, Air Hostess course designed for candidates how wish:

yes london waterloo academyTo work in a friendly, collaborative atmosphere, 5000 metres above the sea level and be away from everyone else and their drama.

yes london waterloo academyTo explore the world- this time though, you get paid when you’re doing it! Today you might be protecting your hard-earned Fish and Chips from thieving pelicans at Sydney Fish Market; tomorrow, you are off cycling along the peaceful canals of Holland!

yes london waterloo academyFreebies – well, if you’re working in the air (literally this time), you get freebies. Food, accommodation, etc. Everything is on the house!

If you are considering to start your career in Airline Industry – this is the right time to start preparation by completing the course.

Click HERE for Class based learning
Click HERE for Virtual leaning (via Zoom)

We are welcoming candidates from around the globe. Do you need a Visa?
Not everyone needs a Visa to study in the UK. Please click here for more information

Pop in for a chat with us or drop us a line – info@waterlooacademy.co.uk; call or WhatsApp +44(0)7484 014980.


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