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On this radiant day,
as the sun reaches its zenith,
bathing us in the warmest, longest light,
we gather in spirit,
to celebrate the brilliance within each of you.

May abundant sunlight illuminate your paths,
guiding you through academic, personal journeys.
Just as the sun nurtures the earth,
may your knowledge and wisdom grow,
nourished by dedication and passion.

To the students,
find inspiration in every challenge,
joy in every achievement.
May this season of light fuel your curiosity,
creativity, determination,
leading you towards goals
with renewed energy, enthusiasm.

To the dedicated team, faculty,
may the summer solstice renew your spirit,
invigorate your commitment
to shaping bright futures.
Your guidance, support,
beams of light helping our students flourish.

Embrace this day of balance, light,
celebrate the vibrant community
we’ve created at London Waterloo Academy.
Together, we shine brighter,
each contributing to the collective brilliance,
making our academy a beacon of excellence, hope.

May the summer solstice bring you warmth,
happiness, and an abundance of light,
in all your endeavours.