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Please READ carefully the following Terms and Conditions before signing the application form for admission

  1. The Academy undertakes to provide to the students information and guidance on appropriate learning programmes, an introduction/induction to the Academy and the learning programmes; access to an agreed learning programme in a safe, healthy, working environment; an excellent learning programme delivery system that includes tutorials, marking and returning work by suitably qualified staff to an agreed timetable; an appropriate learning programme subject to the resources available at its disposal.
  2. A completed Application Form for Admission is required together with payment of the initial NON-REFUNDABLE of £300 fee or equivalent towards Registration before assessment of applicant’s suitability can proceed.
  3. Upon acceptance on a chosen course by Non-EU students subject to immigration control, the Academy requires payment for HALF the tuition fee for the course paid before they issue any official documentation/paper work that may support student’s application for visa. At the Academy’s discretion students may be allowed to pay a deposit towards full course tuition fee but all tuition fees MUST be paid in full before commencement of the course.
  4. Where official documentation/paper work are issued to the student applicants, admission for a course is deemed complete and is viewed by the Academy as an abiding agreement with the student to follow the courses and to pay the full tuition fee
  5. Tuition fees are non refundable after commencement of the course. The student can postpone their course for up to six months and resume payment once the restart their studies. Students who withdraw their application before the commencement of their course will have their tuition fee refunded only provided that all original documents and receipts issued by the Academy are returned within 3 months from issuing date.
  6. Short courses (less than 6 months) and Home Students only- Tuition fees are refundable under the following conditions: Students who withdraw their application up to two weeks before the commencement of their course will have their tuition fee fully refunded. Students who withdraw their application up to one week before the start of their course can claim a 50% refundNo refund  can be claimed less than one week prior to the start date of the course.
  7. Tuition fees are non refundable after commencement of the course. In the event that students withdraw their application for admission before the commencement of their course the Academy reserves the right to apply a 20% charge for any documentation/paper work issued. The Academy will refund back to students the balance off their tuition fee* provided that all original documents/paperwork issued by the Academy are returned within 3 months of the notification of withdrawal. Students are liable to complete their tuition fee in full in case of withdrawal. 
  8. At the discretion of the Academy Principal, students may be allowed to pay their fees by the instalments during their second year/course at the Academy. Late payments and Bank charges are however to be met by the applicant if no prior arrangements are made with the Academy.
  9. “For Non-EU students who have been refused Student Visa Entry to the United Kingdom, 80% of the tuition fee paid to the Academy shall be refunded upon receipt of (a) the original ‘Refusal Letter or Dismissal of Appeal Letter’ issued by the UK High Commission; (b) all original documents and receipts issued by the Academy within 6 weeks of rejection. However, if it transpires that the student has made false representation or lodged a false documentation to the High Commission in their application than no refund of tuition fees will be issued.”
  10. London Waterloo Academy reserves the right to accept, withdraw, amend its offer or terminate registration at any stage of the programme should they discover that the applicant had made a false statement/examination results or omitted significant information during the enrolment process.
  11. The registration/examination fees are not included to the Tuition Fees. The applicant shall pay extra fees towards external examining body.
  12. The Academy reserves the right to change the timetables of any course, make changes in regulations, and alter tuition fees* structure or, if resources and/or students fail to maintain financial viability, cancel a programme without prior notice to the student. In such rare instances students will be offered alternative courses or a refund of the full tuition as well as registration fees.
  13. The applicant undertakes to:
    1. Conform to Academy policies and procedures on enrolment, payment of fees*, examinations, smoking, health and safety, equal opportunities, code of behaviour, disciplinary and complaints; etc.
    2. Take responsibility to ensure the fulfilment of all parts of this Contract whilst engaged in activities associated with the Academy provision.
    3. Accept responsibility for their learning with the support of a named tutor; assessor, mentor
    4. Abide by the Academy attendance requirements which will be agreed at the start of the programme (attend classes regularly 15 hours per week day-time study and tutorials punctually) making sure that attendance shall not fall below 80% or two consecutive months without notice (unless through ill health in which case must bring supporting medical certificates) as failure to do so will result in a dismissal from the Academy and forfeiture of any remaining fees;
    5. Use the Academy facilities (computer equipment, printers etc) for authorised purposes only and with prior permission from the Academy.
    6. Accept action recommended by the Academy provision as a result of not fulfilling the above conditions, including the cancellation of this Contract resulting in withdrawal from the Academy provision if any of the above conditions are not met.

* Fees are subject to change at the Academy discretion