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Modern-day medicine has been made possible by one important invention – sedation. Not all of us are like the surgeon-explorer in Antarctica who performed appendicitis on himself without anaesthesia. Sedation nowadays is a very tightly-regulated process in the operating theatre. Even in dentistry, despite the ubiquity of local anaesthesia, sedation and general anaesthesia are increasingly used for those who are a bit anxious or belong to a younger demographic group.

At the same time, many different drugs are used for sedation, each carrying their own adverse effects and pharmacological profiles (#stressful). Suffice to say, because of the ‘tightrope’ nature of many dental procedures, knowing about sedation enlarges your skill-set which is eventually beneficial for your career. Don’t worry – Rome is not built in a day. There are loads to learn before you can be confident with a new skill. We are here to help you!

Since sedation is a – wait for it – huge topic (not to mention the various sedation options available), we’ve got three qualifications or pathways that you can go for under this course:

yes london waterloo academyCertificate in Dental Sedation Nursing;

yes london waterloo academyAward in Inhalation Sedation Dental Nursing;

yes london waterloo academyAward in Intravenous Sedation Dental Nursing.

‘Award’ and ‘certificate’ are just fancy names reflecting how many hours you’ve spent in your training. Qualification-wise, they are of the same level. As you can see, the two awards focus on certain branches of sedation, whereas the certificate gives you a more general overview of the field.

If you want to know more about the syllabus, pop over to the link below:

 Prerequisites (the Dreaded Course Requirements):

We are experts in dental training and, as we all know, for everything that is related to healthcare, there are professional standards that have to be safeguarded. We think it will benefit you immensely as well if we ascertain that all students have reached the same learning milestones before we teach you completely new topics.

yes london waterloo academyThis course is only available to GDC-registered nurses.

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