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Dental nurses play a fundamental role in a dental practice. Yes, dentists get all the credit most of the time, but we shan’t forget that dentistry is not a ‘one man show’ – nothing can be done without the concerted effort of everyone in the team!

Alright, so can you give some examples as to what dental nurses actually do? Certainly!

 General responsibilities include:

yes london waterloo academyPreparing equipment appropriate for the occasion, including procedures performed in the operating theatre;

yes london waterloo academyCorrectly implementing infectious control procedures;

yes london waterloo academyPatient care;

yes london waterloo academyPreparation of materials to make fillings;

yes london waterloo academyCompletion of patient notes;

yes london waterloo academyMaintaining patient confidentiality and playing an active role in personal data protection.

As you can see, becoming a dental nurse is a noble thing. You get to develop so many versatile skills and, at the same time, help those desperately in need.

Our curriculum is, as with all other healthcare courses, in line with the requirements of the General Dental Council. After all, we are gurus and are used to doing everything properly – you can definitely count on us!

Moreover, we like teaching in small groups. With fewer people, our experienced tutors can lavish you with attention and cater better for your learning needs. On our dental learning journey, we leave no person behind!

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